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Let's find your Zen and elevate the bliss.

Physically, these sessions consist of lighter massage and energy techniques. 

You've put in work now reward yourself

30 Minutes

– I’ve got your back, your neck, head, legs and glutes too. Then you’ll flip sunny side up for your choice area to recharge and re-energize you.

60 Minutes

I have your entire backside covered while paying detail stretching and kneading your derrière. Once sunny side up, enjoy titillating touches of your neck, shoulders, chest and an amazing hand massage too.

90 Minutes

Just like in an hours time every nook and cranny of your back and all the crevices of your front that you’ll allow me to touch. 

Yeah, I do the feet too.

2 Hours+

Just like the 90 mins, I cover everything! The difference is time, I get to take my precious time using extra loving strokes.

Ideal for additional modalities.