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My Approach

I've never been one to follow traditions and I've always understood the rules. That's why I consider my approaches well misbehaved.

All of my services and sessions are truly catered to you. When it comes to healing, energies, emotions and the body, I believe it's more than just by the book (and I love books). Even identical twins have their differences. So why should your healing be routine and repetitive and like another. 


Many of my sessions and services are only offered in clinical environments and offices. I believe in having your self discovery and being able to feel 100% comfortable, open and free in an environment that doesn't feel judgmental and encourages you to look to different approaches to healing.


I am far from afraid of the different human bodies and what they do. I understand we all have different comfort levels and believe in respect and boundaries that at all times. I am only as comfortable as you are.