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It's not just about laying next to one another and staring deeply into each other's eyes while getting separate massages. It's about reconnecting with each other and rediscovering.

There's all types of couples out there. 


But the best couples are the happy ones. 

Everyone finds their happiness in different ways and occasionally at different times. 

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Couples Communication

Communication is the most valuable asset to any relationship. 
We are going to re/discover your partner's connection language through several playful techniques involving their body from touching, tasting and noise making to show you how to better understand communication and add extra value to your greatest shared asset. 
Both partners will come away with a better grasp of each other and  a solid understanding of self. 
There's wine, playful appetizers and wanderlust of the body.
One partner re/discovered
3 hours
Both partners re/discover each other
5 hours