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2 or 3 days Professional Training
This training program will give you the skills and the tools you need to create the outrageously unique Bondassage® or Elysium by Bondassage® Experience for those you touch.

Expand your skill set, create a lucrative new income stream, and reach eager new recipients.

Bondassage® and Elysium by Bondassage® both employ light restraint, sensory deprivation, a variety of implements and massage techniques, and a sensual sequence that you can work from to create an infinite number of sessions. Both experiences are about energetic exchange and personal boundaries ~ the cornerstones of sharing. Sessions are created from a foundation and holistic recipe of empowerment. Both set up the dynamic allowing each to relax into the session and open to the creativity that grows from there.

Their differences:
Bondassage® takes the receiver on a journey of sensation surprises. With Bondassage® you may have a receiver who is a seasoned traveler in the BDSM realm but wants something different, or they are brand new and want to be introduced gently to percussion play, sensual exploration, and bondage. Either way, you can create the Bondassage® session that best suits them. You will have all the tools and ideas to take those you touch toward their known (and sometimes unknown) desires in an environment that is kind, safe, and full of surprises.

Elysium by Bondassage® is also a journey of sensation, but based in relaxation. A gentle, supremely slow passage to the edge and back ~ over and over and over. It is a blend of light Swedish effleurage strokes, soft sensual music, and conscious touch with the intent to relax and simultaneously engage your partner’s nerve endings and pleasure response.

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You and your sweetie want to explore and rediscover. There's so many shades to create in so many ways. 

Discover techniques that t




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